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Blazing Souls since 2001. Lisa uses techniques that assist clients with 'Self-Worth Recovery', in creating inner peace, and gaining freedom by attracting success in all areas of life through a higher vibration.



Loving Mother

Lisa has been a mother to many for decades and her daughter, for eight years. Traveling and living abroad with her daughter doing humanitarian work and cultural research in twelve countries.

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Cultural Ambassador

Crossing the physical, emotional and mental boundaries of our world by unveiling the raw truth in war-torn countries and meetings with Spiritual Legacy Leaders.



Watch Lisa's hit shows The Legacy Series & Unmade Beds… For memoirs of a Soul Blazer and Cultural Researcher.


Legacy Leader

Keynote Speaker, producer and educator. Lisa has lectured in over 20 countries: Prisons, Universities, Orphanages, Schools, Workshops and for the Hollywood elite




Answering the ‘Whispers' from Children Hearts since 2003 with her global nonprofit Whisper from Children’s Hearts Foundation.

Meet the Impostors

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Once you discover the Impostor holding you back, you can finally achieve peace of mind and confidence in your strengths, free of guilt and shame. Take the fun and revealing Impostor quiz and discover the Impostor impersonating your soul!

Which Impostor is holding you back?

The Birth of a SoulBlazer

Lisa’s SoulBlazing™ therapy is an intensive, non-judgmental, fun, and transformative method of coaching that uses the Impostor Model™ to rid you of your illusions, delusions and confusions. You will learn to better communicate with yourself and others, attune to your deep truths and needs, achieve inner peace and freedom, and attract success in everything you do.

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Soulblaze Your Life program

Soul Care at Your Service!  Change Your Life Today!

Soul Blaze the 9 dimensions of your life that determine your success and inner fulfillment, including: Creativity, Health, Productivity, Finance, Success, Legacy, Spirituality, Communication, and Giving. Powerful, life-altering, and chock-full of detailed plans and resources, this “Soul Blaze Your Life: The Complete l0-Disc Audio Life Course” with 60 page Companion Workbook will ignite the life you deserve!


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