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Lisa Haisha M.A. Life Counselor

About The Founder

Lisa Haisha, M.A., is showing women, men, and couples how to “show up” in their own lives personally, professionally, and passionately with her fearless expression in all media as a globally sought-after life counselor. She shares her unique experiences and insights through dynamic storytelling, healing workshop retreats, leadership conferences, as a trusted guest expert on radio and television shows. Learn why Lisa has become a world class Keynote Speaker at
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What Is SoulBlazing™?

SoulBlazing™ is an experiential and interactive form of life coaching that heals those who suffer from issues related to ego, fear, shame, communication, and leadership, providing them with lifelong tools to live fulfilling personal and professional lives.

What Does A SoulBlazing™ Session Look Like?

A SoulBlazing™ life coach private session is an hour long, one-on-one counseling session for brave, determined souls ready for a radical life shift.

Through this formula, dark secrets are brought to light, burdens are lifted, deeper connections with your Authentic Soul are forged, and much more.

We are holding hands
We are maintaining eye contact
You speak from your soul
You are challenged to reflect on your Impostors
We explore with improv and SoulBlazing exercises
Magic happens

Dark secrets are brought to light

Emotional burdens are lifted

Connections with Authentic Soul are forged

Life coach private sessions are confidential and include a free copy of Lisa’s
SoulBlazing™ Journal to accelerate your professional and personal breakthroughs.


The SoulBlazing™ Cheat Sheet

Aren’t sure if you’re ready to make the leap into a SoulBlazing™ session? That’s okay! First step: read and embrace these SoulBlazing™ Ten Commandments for thirty days and when you’re finished, you’ll be vibrating at a different frequency, and you’ll realize that you matter, and that you are not your Impostors — you are your Authentic Soul.


  1. Stand tall. Always.
  2. Amplify your Authentic Soul’s voice.
  3. Pray, seek solitude, and believe in miracles.
  4. 10 deep breaths, every day.
  5. Take action, leap and cure your comfort addiction.
  6. Look into your own eyes and perform affirmations.
  7. Embrace nature. Embrace life in all its varied forms.
  8. Give. Serve. Appreciate.
  9. Make amends, heal wounds, and love.
  10. Laugh. Loudly.

The Impostors Model™


When compared to traditional psychotherapeutic methods, SoulBlazing™ significantly decreases the amount of time required for patients to address and overcome their life challenges. This is achieved by employing The Impostor Model™, the archetype-based method of life coaching that disconnects patients from their self-destructive inner “Impostors,” invented to defend themselves from childhood trauma.

Meet Your Impostor Today

Yes, everyone has one or more inner Impostors wreaking havoc in our relationships and life goals. Which ones are yours? Take our quiz right now to find out.


The Birth of a SoulBlazer

Lisa’s SoulBlazing™ therapy is an intensive, non-judgmental, fun, and transformative method of coaching that uses the Impostor Model™ to rid you of your illusions, delusions and confusions. You will learn to better communicate with yourself and others, attune to your deep truths and needs, achieve inner peace and freedom, and attract success in everything you do.

Lisa on the Birth of SoulBlazing  

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