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Keynote Speaker Lisa Haisha

Lisa Haisha, M.A., is showing women, men, and couples how to “show up” in their own lives personally, professionally, and passionately with her fearless expression in all media as a globally sought-after Keynote Speaker, Legacy Leader and Life Counselor.

Everyone wants to love and be loved, but why is that so difficult?
Why is it so hard to connect with others?
Why is communication with each other so challenging?

Lisa helps people discover the answers to these perennial soul-searching questions through SoulBlazing™, a process she created using her Impostor Model™. Her popular, decades-old work has garnered the attention of Hollywood’s elite, helping them deal with ego, fear and shame, which helped her to gain a unique insight into the minds of powerful, successful leaders around the world.

Originally Lisa’s SoulBlazing™ method caught the attention of top artists and producers at the helm of numerous Hollywood studios including: The Big Bang Theory, Django Unchained, CSI Miami, Two and a Half Men, Big Love, Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Batman, Les Mis, and numerous others.

Lisa has dedicated her life to helping others fulfill theirs, bringing SoulBlazing to audiences in Keynote speeches, TED Talks, healing workshop retreats and leadership engagements across the globe.

Lisa is a frequent guestpert on radio and television shows and blogs including: The Huffington Post. To view Lisa’s appearances in press and media please visit,


Lisa Haisha’s Keynote Speeches


Destination YOU!

Harness your leadership ability and charisma through Lisa’s pioneering communication tools.

20 years and over 60 countries later, Lisa’s global adventures culminated in the discovery of her groundbreaking communication tool, SoulBlazing, which she has shared with audiences around the world ranging from Bedouins in the mountains of Petra, to international leadership seminars, and powerhouse women’s summits.

Through her heavily researched 8 Secrets, Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm will grip listeners by the lapels and shake away their deficient communication skills, weary attitudes, and self-defeating habits, providing a crystal-clear blueprint toward a workplace identity defined by high standards and high esteem.

This is not a spectator speech– Your audience will be riding shotgun with Lisa through enlightening anecdotes, instructive exercises, and revealing Q&A’s, culminating in a live SoulBlazing of a member of the audience.


Hollywood A-Listers and the Secrets to Their Success

Harness your leadership ability and charisma through Lisa’s pioneering communication tools.

Become the star of your industry by applying the same leadership techniques of the mightiest moguls in Hollywood to your business.

As a life coach to many of Hollywood’s biggest leaders, Lisa’s behind-the-curtain access exposed the qualities and characteristics they all personify that allowed them to achieve immense success and recognition, and Lisa shares these illuminating observations with your audience.

These are not second-hand stories: Lisa applied these same techniques to her own life to great success. There are no secrets here—these are specific philosophies and tried-and-true points of action (some of which may surprise you) derived from the incredible risk-takers and creative minds that have changed the face of entertainment and technology the world over. Your audience will learn how communication skills equate to connections and charisma, how deals really get made, when doing the opposite of what you think it takes to make a connection or sale is the right choice, and when ego can be the death of a project—all skills equally important to selling movie tickets as they are to selling your company’s products.


Creating Your Legacy

Death is inevitable. How we are remembered is optional, so outlive your life!

How do we want to be remembered, and what will we do about it? Lisa firmly believes that giving back is the fundamental basis for a legacy-leading life and in this Keynote, Lisa will take your audience on a global odyssey (via her book and non-profit Whispers From Children’s Hearts) to teach them how to turn their passions into purposeful work, live from their Authentic Soul, and organize their time and life to accommodate more recreation and self-care. The result? A life changing perspective of service directed toward their colleagues, families, and friends.

Your audience will be able to bring back what they’ve learned and apply it to their daily lives and workplace, their outlook cracked open to reveal their true Authentic Soul.

The shift in global consciousness and human values has never been more evident, and the act of being of service is at the forefront of this movement. As Lisa reminds her audience, “The presents you share are less important than the presence you share.”

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