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VIP Days

Lisa’s techniques resonate with clients because her proprietary SoulBlazing™ counsel and expertise are not one-size-fits-all. Each enriching session is curated to accommodate your specific goals, and get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from ascending to the next level.

During the past decade, Lisa has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, artists and innovators toward more prosperous careers and earnings. Her international travels to over 80 countries (and counting) plus her unique background coaching Hollywood executives and A-list artists has given Lisa a rare insight into the processes of powerful, successful leaders. With this ammunition, Lisa educates and trains like-minded clients to succeed in the same fashion.

A Quick Message From Lisa…

Sometimes in life we need an outside catalyst to assist us in seeing the forest through the trees of transcendence. You never know what you don’t know until you’re with someone who knows.

For example, I was coaching on a retreat in Costa Rica and I met a Beverly Hills surgeon who “had it all” except happiness and self-love. After we talked briefly, he made the decision to investment in a one-day VIP session with me that ended up changing the entire course of his life. In retrospect, he marveled at how easy it was and the fact that it didn’t take 30 years of him lying on a couch in therapy to get there. It was a couple of keys that unlocked the dormant doors of his soul and unleashed his true purpose. It was both easy and effortless and we had a good time in the process. Click on the link below for the juicy details.

Chris Howard is a top international speaker and trainer who has hired Lisa to speak and train with him around the world for thousands of individuals seeking transformation. Here is what he has to say about her:

Interested in VIP Days?

If you feel like you (or your team) belong in this category and deserve to exponentially raise the bar of your capabilities, contact us to apply for consideration.

Sessions are scheduled through ongoing or single-day programs, determined by Lisa’s global location and number of VIP clients currently in her roster. Select clients can request Lisa for private meetings in their own workplace, city, or country; inquire here for more information.

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