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Comfort Addiction

Comfort Addiction

“Unless you change your direction, you are likely to end up where you are headed.”  Lao Tzu


Comfort addiction occurs any time someone complains about their job or their life, yet never makes a change.  People who feel like they are in groundhog day.

1) Even though you know you need to lose 10 pounds, your diet stays the same – years pass…

2) Need to change jobs – scared to take a risk – years pass…

3) In a stagnant relationship.  Afraid to change – years pass…

Other things you can be addicted to:

1) Working so you never have time for yourself

2) Being single

3) Having it my way

4) Social & financial class

Comfort induces monotony.  It makes the way we interact and respond to things lifeless, routine, machine-like.  Sometimes it takes stumbling to create human synergy and connection.  And “stumbling” will never occur when we have our feet planted and cemented to our own comfort.

You shouldn’t focus on what’s not working.  You should focus on what you want.  The more you focus on what you want,  the less pain matters.

Successful people focus on what they want. Un-actualized people focus on what they fear and lack.  Both positions are pure invention by the creator of the issue.

The conversations people have when they’re glowing with happiness is often describing a challenge they have overcome – a marathon, having a baby at 45, it’s always something that took courage and commitment. Nobody shares with you how they made their bed in the morning or brushed their teeth.  They share how they conjure up the discipline to go back to school and passed the bar, even though it took them several attempts, while in their forties, with three kids, while going through a divorce.  But they did it!! They finally did it!

One your deathbed, I guarantee you that you will not be wishing you had more comfort in your life.  You will wish you had taken more challenges, spoken up, and tried new things.  So don’t wait.  Start today taking on that challenge, that dream of yours so you can share  with people, twenty years from now, how you did the impossible!

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  1. This really resonated with me. I worked for the Federal Government for over 11 years, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and had numerous coworkers that were reliving groundhog day, for over two decades! They just didn’t make a change due to the comfort they had with getting that steady paycheck. Well, with the current shutdown, guess what?! They’re scared even more now. So many people in the Fed Gov jobs are like this. Very complacent, afraid to make changes, not only in their own lives, but within their workplace, too! I was told by a coworker that had over 30 years with the Gov. that he had hated his job for over 29 years. When I told my boss that I was quitting and moving to South America. He asked me, “May I come, too?” It was an epidemic that I am happy to have escaped.

    Now, I try to always break routine and start each day with a fresh outlook. In fact, I haven’t used an alarm clock in over 20+ years, because I am happy to get up early to work on what I’m passionate about – teaching kids to swim and helping others to achieve their dreams!

    Thank you!
    Kenneth Rippetoe

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