Communication Creates Community:

Four Legacy Lessons

One of the most liberating moment’s in a person’s life is when he or she realises that your Legacy has nothing to do with how much “stuff” you amass or how many business mergers you execute.  Likewise, a Legacy doesn’t have to be some grandiose global mission to save the planet.  Legacies are the fingerprints we leave on each other’s lives.  That’s it.  And that’s the really exciting part, because that means your legacy can be created the instant you decide to.

There are a few things you need:

1) First you must be unafraid to touch – literally touch – people you don’t know

2) Second, you must possess the inner confidence to know that you have something of worth to contribute – something worthy of leaving behind – to others.

3) Third, you have to listen – truly and sincerely LISTEN – to the voices of those whom you wish to serve, and then make good on your promises to fulfill their needs.

4) And finally, you must heed the tug of your heart.  Your Legacy is that voice inside you that KNOWS what it needs to do, even though you’ve been avoiding or ignoring it.  You won’t escape it.  You can’t.  So you must embrace your Legacy, as it embraces you.

It’s not what we leave FOR people, it’s what we leave IN them.

Do that, and you will live a life worthy of remembrance. You will live a life that mattered.  You will have created your legacy.

If you’re struggling to hear the voice inside you that’s trying to guide you along your life path, why not try journaling, you will be amazed at the insights you get when you let your mind open.  Visit the SoulBlazing Institute™ Store to see the journals I have available that will help you to listen and create your legacy!


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