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Joy is Not a Burden. Joy is an Action.

I received a lot of responses to last week’s post “Am I Allowed to Feel Joy?” and I thought I should follow it up with another related meditation…

Life is riddled with good times and bad, struggles and triumphs, and sometimes even the moments of calm can be worrisome for their own sake because we don’t feel we’re moving in any direction at all. Sometimes we are good when others in our lives are doing poorly. Sometimes it’s the reverse. We are all on our own singular journeys, traveling with the hope that we find moments of joy together.


I’m currently experiencing sorrow and joy simultaneously– I have several friends and family who are struggling with life-threatening health issues and there is much confusion, sadness, stress, regret, denial, and everything in between for themselves and for myself. In contrast, my own personal experience is a bright one that I’ve worked hard to cultivate in these challenging times. I am healthy. My family is strong. My daughter is thriving. I love my work. How can I reconcile the guilt that my Impostors whisper to me when they say, “You do not deserve happiness, when others you cherish are suffering.”


I addressed my Impostors today while looking in the mirror and told them, “Joy is a feeling, but it can also be an action. My joy is a gift to me that I can bestow on others. Others deserve my joy as well. It is not my own to hoard, but to share.” My Impostors could not argue and stepped aside.

I made a promise to myself that I will make my own joy an action, like a seed that grows into a flower whose fragrance can be enjoyed by all. Imagine if we all set that same intention? Let’s try it together– I hope to cross paths with you and see a smile on your face…

Remember… shift happens.



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