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Life Coach Certification

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Welcome to The SoulBlazing™ Institute. Lisa Haisha’s life coaching program has been called the feminine aspect of the mental mind coaching of Tony Robbins. She brings to the table the wisdom and compassion of how cosmic energy flows through the heart and soul, which she calls Soul Care.

As energy is neither created nor destroyed, Haisha assists us in identifying our personal energy blocks and gives us the ultimate transcendent toolbox to transform that old energy into useful, dynamic and creative energy. She believes we all come into this world with talents and gifts that lie dormant deep within our soul. Haisha candidly and playfully tickles the soul through improvisation, role-playing, monologue and movement. This assists in confronting our darkest shadows, which she calls our Impostors™. Once the shadowy Impostors are brought into the light of the conscious mind, the Authentic Soul is in the perfect position to be fully awakened.

Through Lisa Haisha’s coaching program, you will receive key secrets that are often overlooked by other trainings. Whether you’re a beginning entrepreneur, artist or a seasoned CEO, her strategies, techniques and exercises are fully integrated on all three dynamics – mind, body and soul.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach benefits you socially, economically, spiritually, socially and financially with stronger relationships and family communication that creates powerful change in the self and the people you serve.

Whether you’re looking to benefit personally from one-on-one life coaching or in the professional service of life coaching others, this is a perfect opportunity to inspire your soul to soar!

The eye-opening program teaches you how to get in touch with your intuitive nature, communicate at a higher level, receive data from the silence of the soul, as well as take direction and action from the Universal clues of life.

Transformational Benefits Include:

Mended Relationships
Empathic Communication
Marriage Communication Tools
Body Image Therapy

Praise From Our SoulBlazing™ Graduates

The SoulBlazing™ Institute is honored to be given the opportunity to help our graduates fulfill their life purpose as a Certified SoulBlazing™ Life Coach. Each has their own powerful life story, which informs their own thriving practices today. Hear what they have to say!

Below are three videos from SoulBlazer Joanne. She talks about how the SoulBlazer Life Coach Certification Program changed her life, helped her to get past her personal blocks to discover her path and create career freedom through helping others. Check them out!

Joanne’s Success as a SoulBlazer

Joanne on Becoming a Soulblazer

Joanne’s Career of Freedom