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My Shift From Toxic to Terrific: A 60-Day Mind/Body/Spirit Cleanse

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Today I’m excited to write to you because I’ve made up my mind to detox.

I’ve just watched two films about health (Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Food Matters) for the second time in a couple of months. These movies talk about the importance of juicing and getting the most out of your meals from fruits and vegetables. Why did these films speak to me so distinctly? Two reasons:

Several of my closest friends have cancer, one of my best friends just died of cancer, and my mom died of cancer last year.

Secondly, several of my clients and SoulBlazing™ inquiries have echoed pleas similar to “Help me, I’m drowning in loneliness and depression– I’m slipping backwards.” “I don’t know where I’m going in my life.” “I’ve lost my way.” When I hear them speak these words what they are really saying is, “I can’t think straight,” “I lack self esteem,” and “I’ve lost my mojo.” Ultimately, their Impostors have hijacked their life.

These two occurrences in my life may seem unrelated, but they reveal something that’s inspired me to make some personal changes; literal cancer of the body or figurative cancer of the mind can both be fatal, but we can make a simple change in our lives that can protect us from both by eating better and exercising. Over the past 6 months I’ve managed to pack on an extra 20 lbs, which has effected my energy level and my physical self-concept. I know I can do better!


We’re going to work on this…

I know how I feel when I eat a really clean diet and when I’m exercising (the latter is infrequent because of my travel schedule). I get off course often, so I decided that regardless of how often I travel, how many play dates I drive my daughter to, how many SoulBlazing™s I perform, and the myriad additional obligations I face daily, I’m going to commit to eating better and exercising for 8 weeks. I want to see what happens to my mood and my body, hopefully inspiring my clients, you, myself, while simultaneously being a good role model for my daughter.

I believe we can all regain our exuberance and avoid serious health issues by altering our lives in small ways– the changes do not have to be intimidating. That’s why these are the rules I’ve made for myself:

  • Cut out sugar, dairy, meat, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol (i.e. everything fun and tasty)
  • Juice 2 meals a day: juices will be spinach, romaine, fennel, parsley and cilantro
  • Eat 1 raw salad a day containing a variety of greens, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, seeds (almond, sunflower, pumpkin)
  • Drink: ½ my weight in water each day 141bs = 60 ounces of water a day
  • Yoga five days a week (45 minutes)
  • Brisk walking 2 miles 2x a week  (40 minutes)
  • Regular colonics (3x a week)

If you’d like to try and join me on this journey please do! The next eight weeks will be challenging, but I look forward to stronger clarity, peace of mind, weight loss, and a reinvigorated mind, body & soul! I will be posting two blogs a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), so check in and see how I’m doing!

Shift happens!


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