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My Shift From Toxic to Terrific: Is Indulgence Always Failure?

I ate some sugar and that’s okay.

I was just in New York filming a segment for Fox 5 News NY, and brought a dear friend of mine with me who will be departing this world very soon. Before his health fails, this foodie friend of mine decided one of the items on his bucket list was to indulge in some of the great New York restaurants. We did indulge and we did it well!

We watched some Broadway shows (if you’re in the city, most definitely see Matilda and Kinky Boots—amazing!), we went bike riding in Central Park, , and ate some wonderful restaurants like the vegan Beyond Sushi and managed to delight ourselves on… dessert. Yes DESSERT! And I have to say that it was a truly delicious chocolate soufflé! What made it so? Because it was celebrating the magic of the moment, which in our opinion required chocolate and a bottle of 1995 L’Ermita!


Despite a few delectable meals, I’ve been incredibly diligent in staying true to my eating habits. I still retain my juicing regimen (two a day), and New York has inspired a healthy routine of laughter and exercise (especially while walking in New York), and I’ve managed to lose 2 more pounds, while filling my heart and soul in the process!

There is a difference between “cheating” and living in the moment when the moment requires it. How do you know the difference? Ask yourself when you’re making any decision in life, whether or not you’re living from your Authentic Soul. Are you living in the moment, or is this simply a moment of weakness? Be flexible, but bend with thoughtful and honest intention.

Remember… shift happens!





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