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My Shift From Toxic to Terrific: Staying Honest While Traveling

Week number one has elapsed, and I’m seeing progress in body and mind!!!

136 lbs!

As you can see from my first post, I’ve lost four pounds!

I’m writing this from my hotel in the beautiful autumnal New York City, and the east coast air is crisp and clean, mirroring my mood. Today is the first day I feel entirely free from my heavy food cravings (the day is still young, but I’m optimistic:)

I’m amazed at how much of an addiction my body could have to certain types of food, but the physical yearnings now only occur when I pass by a restaurant with baguettes in the window. I love my carbs, especially fresh baked olive bread. Other than that, I’m enjoying the extra energy that comes with eating light and fresh foods. My daughter has joined me on this trip, which means every time we go out or see candy, she’s on me to buy some. It makes avoiding certain places more difficult. We’re walking a lot and passing by extraordinary restaurants, pizza kitchens, and food carts.

Life Juice

This was my first trip from home since I made my lifestyle change, and I was worried I was going to have a hard time keeping up with my diet, especially so soon after I began. Would I be able to stay true to my intentions while spending time with friends who eat? Would I have the discipline to say, “I’m only juicing now”? Traveling is no friend to eating healthy, especially when you’re in an area that is foreign to you with so many temptations!

Luckily, eating well is catching on in a big way in major cities across the U.S., and New York is at the forefront of the movement. Case in point: Juice Delivery!

Just like other cuisine delivery services, juice chefs are accommodating the needs of busy, health-minded folks in a big way. Companies like and deliver individual orders or you can schedule deliveries in advance so you have the entire week covered.

Because I’m never in the same place twice during the day on this trip, I have a delivery sent to my hotel every morning, and I bring a couple of bottles with me to cover me for the day, with a few waiting for me in the evening upon my return.

Organic Avenue

The best part: despite what you may think, these juices taste amazing! Each bottle costs the same amount as a burrito or regrettable deal meal at any fast food chain—the choice is simple!  They also have a tremendous variety from “Sweet Potato pie juice,” to “OMG Green Juice.”

I’m also proud to be a good example for my daughter. She’s five years old, and very aware of how I behave, often mimicking my behavior and enjoying her two juices a day (even though she also has meals). She’s a notorious candy freak, and even she’s made an effort to order food on the menu that has greens, proudly making sure the waiter knows she’s making a healthy decision. A proud parent am I!

Excited to find out what next discoveries my journey will reveal, and even more excited to share them with you!

Remember… shift happens!


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