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My Shift From Toxic to Terrific: Adapting to a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s been two days since I began my journey, and I can’t say it’s been a walk in the park!

The ship of transformation has left port! The waters off the coast have been a bit choppy, but nothing that I can’t handle!

The most noticeable effect of my new diet has been my yearning for bread and corn-based snacks. I often ate chips or bread to tide me over between meals, and know both are the source of much of my weight gain. I can actually feel my appetite yearn for them, and I imagine this is what someone who’s quitting smoking must feel like! I know this will pass, but I understand why people fail in their diets within the first few weeks of their attempt– it takes a lot of mental energy to argue with your body!

Yoga-Poses-Spine-FlexibilityMy daily yoga routine has proven less challenging. Now that I’ve changed my sleep schedule to go to bed early and wake up early, I can now fit in the 45 minutes of yoga right before my morning shower. I can already feel how exercise is affecting my mood in positive ways. My energy level is higher, and I don’t suffer from a mid-afternoon lull. I also feel more alert, and I can only expect this will increase over time and after I add my bi-weekly walks to my schedule.

I noticed that I weigh myself four or five times a day, but haven’t seen much progress. The scale is my accountability mechanism and I feel like every time I stare at it, it’s daring me to fail! I can’t wait to prove it wrong!

Baby Steps!

Baby Steps!

Outside of the logistics and numbers of my diet and exercise, I can safely say that this effort has given me a strong sense of purpose and drive that I’ve been missing for some time. Much of my work involves long-term projects and routine when I’m not traveling, so having a positive and challenging daily purpose makes me feel determined and strong– and this motivation has spilled over into my daily work as well! I notice I’m more motivated to complete tasks, and complete them quicker.

I’m excited to discover what the next four days have in store before my next post, as I should begin to see some pounds drop off and feel less yearning for heavy foods– I want to share my successes with you!

Seeing the shift happen,



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