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My Transition From Toxic to Terrific: Don’t Wait to Be Grateful

When I was last in New York, I was interviewed by Ernie Anastos for his show “Positively Ernie,” a really wonderful news segment that brings a breath of happiness and hope to the East Coast.

In the segment, he asked me how people really know who is important to him, and you can hear what I told him in this video:

It felt more than coincidental that true friendship and gratitude were the subject of the interview because I’m experiencing both a lot these days.

In my last blog, I mentioned my friend who is nearing the end of his life joined me on my trip to New York, and so did my daughter. They’re worlds apart in age and life experience, but their appreciation for the little things and living in the moment couldn’t have been more similar! They both loved taking meandering walks that had no destination, they enjoyed the taste of food instead of scarfing it down in a huge rush, and they laughed constantly. It was a joy to see them together, and share in their authenticity.

A grateful Mom

When was the last time you took a meandering walk? Savored the taste of food in your mouth? Laughed from your belly? I plan on doing all three as often as I can, and why not! No matter what you believe regarding an afterlife, every day is a gift and I want to open it every morning and find something beautiful inside.

Remember… shift happens!




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