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My Transition from Toxic to Terrific: Your Health is a Gift to Others

Three weeks in, and it’s harder to lose the weight now. My body doesn’t have the temporary weight that comes with a regular diet of bread, salts, and sugars, so it looks like exercise will take me the rest of the way, whatever weight that might finally be! Weight and beltline aside, I feel terrific and people seem to notice both!

I remember all those years that I shrugged off a daily walk or a trip to yoga because I felt it was a third-tier obligation, but it truly is a first-tier responsibility that I have to keep my vessel floating and seaworthy!


We take our bodies for granted for the better portion of our youth and of course we usually wait until we start to see a drastic decline in our waistline or mood. This is natural, and I don’t beat myself up over it. The revelation that a healthy lifestyle is equally important as my job or taking time for my family has only been a recent one, because I understand that the former fundamentally supports the latter!

My clients, my husband, and especially my daughter reap the benefits of my refreshed and revitalized mood, and I’m glad to give that gift to them. It’s also been a joy sharing this with my clients and family, because I exercise with them sometimes and it provides a wonderful new environment for us to connect and build stronger relationships.

Exercise with Your Children

If you have children, I highly encourage you to try exercising with them whether it’s walking, yoga, or tossing the football around. Their energy will feed yours and vice-versa! Physical education is being removed from so many curricula of many schools, so it’s vital you set up standards of movement and health early on!

If you have any stories or suggestions about exercising with your children, please share them! I love hearing from you.

Remember… Shift happens!


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