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A New Year is Upon Us! Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!

A new year is upon us!

I’m reminded of my journey this year to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, where I was surrounded by multitudes of people praying in gratitude, peace, and forgiveness– it was a truly transcendent experience for me that I carry with myself each day and I feel especially resonates on the crest of our wave into 2014.

Whatever your faith, now is the time to pray, meditate, and reflect on the wondrous gifts and opportunities given to us this past year, as well as the truly beautiful gift of the lives we’ve been given in this short time we have on planet earth.

Share these thoughts with your family and friends tonight. Remind them how much you care about them. Do not be afraid to share your gratitude. Be brave in thanksgiving.

Thank you for opening your eyes and ears to me, and let’s make 2014 rock!

Remember… Shift happens!!!



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