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We All Possess Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Impostors

It goes without saying that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death came as a shock to everyone, and we have lost one of the greatest actors of our, or any, generation. It was reported that Phillip struggled with addiction recently and had checked himself into a rehab facility several months ago, but to no avail.

Phillip was a master at becoming other people for the screen, but it makes me wonder if that was a way to give an outlet and face to his inner Impostors that he could not address himself.

This is a hypothesis, but it’s an interesting exercise to reflect upon if we ask ourselves the question, “Would Phillip have been prone to heroin abuse if he had been more in touch with his Authentic Soul?” This question can be turned upon ourselves if you simply replace your name with Phillip’s and the vice you abuse.

What is your vice that keeps you disconnected? What do you use to medicate your pain and the lack of connection you have with yourself?

The Eight Impostors

The Eight Impostors

Just like the many roles that Phillip played, we all create performances through our Impostors every day that seemingly protect us from pain, embarrassment, shame, and guilt. The conundrum is that by listening to and relying upon those Impostors, you’re avoiding authentic experiences with others that further separate you from true connections. As time passes, you can find yourself feeling isolated and alone, often furthering your desire to use alternative methods to feel better and have control over your life. This can manifest itself through overeating, undereating, overspending, hoarding, sexual addiction, alcoholism, or in Phillip’s case, drug abuse.

How do you know if you’re in touch with your Authentic Soul?

A good place to start is by revealing your inner Impostors, click here to take the Impostors Quiz.