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Professional Speaker

From Keynote to Motivational Speaking

Lisa Haisha has Decades of Proven Experience as a Powerful Public Speaker

Good motivational speakers lead extraordinary lives, but to truly inspire your audience, they must also have the ability to translate their stories and life lessons into an entertaining and inspirational keynote speech that is relevant and accessible to your audience.

As a personal therapist to some of America’s biggest Hollywood stars and executives and the co-founder of Whispers from Children’s Hearts Foundation, Lisa’s keynote inspirational speeches remind all of us that no matter how famous or successful one may be, all of us struggle with the common challenges of creativity, communication, connection with others, and the search for lasting fulfillment in life and work.

Heartwarming, humorous and insightful, Lisa’s keynote motivational speeches provide her audience with real world tips for finding more peace, happiness and success in work and in life.

Lisa also offers business coaching and training workshops that will directly influence you and your team’s ability to communicate in a manner that results in higher salesmanship, greater influence, improved leadership skills, enriched self-image and a more motivated workforce.

Lisa’s unique and tested techniques resonate with clients because the proprietary SoulBlazing™ counsel and expertise is not one-size-fits-all. All of Lisa’s speaking engagements are curated to accommodate each client’s specific needs, expectations and goals.


How Lisa Gets Results With Her Public Speaking

Your audience is engaged & comes together

New ideas, methods & attainable goals are explored

A motivated & inspired group of people emerges

Business Speaker

Business Coaching

Lisa helps entrepreneurs, executives, artists and innovators seeking more prosperous careers achieve higher sales, greater influence, improved leadership, enriched self-image and a more motivated workforce.

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Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Lisa Haisha

Whether it’s for a private event, professional retreat or new business venture, Lisa will inspire your audience with her expert speaking skills; she makes creating change easy and accessible to everyone!

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Lisa Haisha

Heartwarming, humorous and insightful, Lisa’s lectures provide real world tips for finding more peace, happiness and success. Amplify your event with a keynote speaker that motivates and inspires your audience!

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