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Reinvigorate Your Relationship with a Volunteer Vacation!

The best opportunity for couples to get away from their routine is during shared time off, so why choose a routine vacation?

It’s an age-old challenge: how do couples keep their relationships fresh over the span of many years and the daily routine of everyday life? Many couples asked themselves that same question, and are opting for volunteer vacations as a refreshing alternative to run-of-the-mill getaways. Having traveled on several myself with my husband, I can safely say that volunteer vacations offer a much deeper and more satisfying experience, and always tighten the bond I have with my husband.

  • Help your relationship by helping others. Human beings are built to find happiness being of service to others, so sharing that joy with your spouse provides a deep level of satisfaction and connection. Long-term relationships often suffer when couples don’t share experiences together—they’re at work, running errands, taking care of the kids, etc., so it’s no surprise that when couples look outside of their own lives and join in an effort together, their connection is enhanced.
Building Homes and Build Connection

Building Homes and Building Connections

  • Pain is gain: Generally, volunteer vacations have varying degrees of discomfort. What would seem like the antidote to romance, the shared discomfort actually contributes to the sense of unity that couples share. We all remember the moments of struggle that we triumphed over—and this is a terrific opportunity to let go of the daily comforts of life and pay attention to what’s really important: each other.
  • Choose a common cause: Once you’ve decided to take a trip, choose a cause or effort that you’re both passionate about. This will ensure that you both equally value this journey’s merits and don’t feel like the rare time off from work is wasted.

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It’s not all work and no play! Make sure the trip you go on allows for some downtime as well! Most volunteer vacations are in remote or very poor countries, but are often incredibly beautiful nonetheless. Make sure you explore and enjoy the wonderful things the country has to offer. Rent a nice hotel room for one or two nights during the trip that provide for some traditional romance—you’ve earned it!

You can learn more about Caretaking Retreats that I host through my global non-profit Whispers From Children’s Hearts where we provide soul care and provisions to children in impoverished countries, while providing travelers the meaningful opportunity to be of service to struggling indigenous cultures across the globe!

I hope you and your spouse can join us on our next caregiving adventure!

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