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Staying Spiritually Connected

Staying Spiritually Connected

Why is it that just by walking into a room some people light up the atmosphere with their presence? Why, when certain individuals speak, do their listeners become spellbound, while someone talking about the same subject is met with yawns? What I’m describing are those individuals whose magnetism is so potent they effortlessly make a dynamic impact. No form of social networking, marketing, or resume reveals more about us than the vibratory frequency that radiates from our being.

Did you know that you have a magnetic field that draws you to the people, experiences and things that mirror the vibratory equivalent of your thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and beliefs – in short, your overall state of consciousness? Consciousness determines most of what unfolds in our life. How we interpret, integrate and respond to it, determines the rest. We are all – consciously or unconsciously – constantly co-creating, regenerating, transforming our lives.

Paramahansa Yogananda says that “spiritual magnetism,” is the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all-round happiness an well-being.”

To accelerate your magnetic frequency and manifest your vision for your life, you must enter the laboratory of you own mind and soul and evolve through three domains:

1. Discovering, activating, expressing and promoting  your gifts, talents and skills. What this means is that you have come to the Planet Earth to use your gifts.

2. Moving into a deeper spiritual practice of getting in touch with your Authentic Soul through prayer and visualization, which attune you to your truth. Then you are consciously co-creating your life.

3. Practicing meditation regularly, this means you no longer need to attract anything because you live in alignment with your Authentic Soul which means you are focused, living your values and on path.

You are living from the inside out. The way you were meant to live. When you take time out to silence your inner Impostors, you gain clarity and insight and have the wherewithal to follow through.

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