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TED Talk Tuesday: A Penny For Your Thoughts?

This weeks TED Talk by Tania Lunar really shows not just the importance of gratitude but also importance of appreciating all that you have in life.  As a young child, Tania Luna left her home in post-Chernobyl Ukraine to take asylum in the US.

She tells the story of the day she found a penny on the floor where she was living and felt like a millionaire thinking only a rich person could have left this here, no normal person would lose a penny.   Little did she realise that where she was living was a homeless shelter – she thought it was a hotel.

Puts things in perspective doesn’t it?  How many times do we complain about our work when there are hundreds of people who would do anything to have the chance of a job?  How often do we complain about the traffic when there are people that walk much further each day just to get water.

As Tania says, every day she just feels gratitude for everything she now has.

Here’s a challenge for you, for the next 30 days in the morning when you get up write down 10 things you are grateful for – every day for 30 days and try and make each day different. If you need some help, check out my 30-day journals at The SoulBlazing™ Institute Store.

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