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Ted Talk Tuesday: Street Artist “Shows The World Its True Face”

JR is a French street artist who won the TED prize in 2011. Why? His artwork builds community and empathy by “showing the world its true face.”

He travels the globe taking photos of people in communities and pastes these photos across massive canvases. The result is a community that must look back at itself and reflect on who comprises their community—rich, poor, religious, secular, dark-skinned, light skinned, etc. recognizing that they are all connected, and share the same space.

JR focuses especially on those in a community who do not have a voice, whose needs are often unrecognized. This was best exemplified during his trip to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro where clashes between drug dealers and police had become a way of life. In his mind, the women of the community were the voiceless victims of these conflicts so he set to work, and plastered the city with local women’s faces and called it Women Are Heroes, Brazil.

When looking at JR’s work (you can see more of this and other JR projects here), ask yourself if you need to look back into your own eyes to discover the hidden Authentic Soul that you may not be recognizing, who has no voice. What Impostors are causing havoc in the community of your soul? What Impostor is keeping you in denial of the true you?

To learn more about Impostors and how to discover your Authentic Soul, take this quiz—it may be the revealing canvas that exposes you to yourself.


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