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The Spiritual Energy of Money

Most of us are intimately connected to money.  Whether we’re spending it or making it, money is a part of our lives.  How you perceive money has much to do with how much you have and are able to create.  While it’s not healthy to be preoccupied with money or lust after it, it is important to appreciate its value and the positive things it can do for your life.  And, like anything, the more  you appreciate something, the more you invite that into your life.

So, if you express appreciation and gratitude towards love, health, and money, you’ll attract more of those things into your life.  Likewise, if you have a negative attitude towards such things; you’ll attract less of those things into your life.  So, if  you’re constantly worrying about the lack of money, you’ll constantly have money woes, even if you earn a good income.

Be conscious of your thoughts towards money.  Do you feel like you deserve to have money? How were you raised to deal with money, were you always told to save and never spend, or were you always told there was never enough?  There is energy in everything and money is no exception. The energy of earning manifests itself in the money, and the energy is exchanged throenugh spending.  Therefore, it is important that we not only make money, but that we spend it as well.  Anything that is static will never reproduce and that includes money.

Keep a journal for 30 days on how you think about money and your relationship to it.  On my website I offer a 30-day Money Mastery journal that will help you in this task, click here to check it out.

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