Communication Creates Community:

What are your Greatest Hits?

Some people call it an “elevator speech”— the ability to tell a stranger the story of your life or brand in the time it takes an elevator to travel from the top floor of a building to the bottom.

I call it a “Greatest Hit”.

An event or moment you already experienced that was transformational, important or moving in some way.  It could be profound, funny or informative, it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that does matter is that it’s concise, revealing, helpful in getting a point across to others and inspiring.

If it has these components then it is a Greatest Hit.  Think over your different life experiences and choose one Greatest Hit from each of these areas: work, family, friend, love & travel.  Then write it out, explaining the circumstances and why it is memorable to you.  You may find as you write out your stories that you remember others as well.  If so, add them too.  It’s fun to read over them and remind yourself of some of the experiences that shaped who you are today.

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